There is an opportunity in the Current UK Horse Racing System to double your investment by betting the long shots. A Correction, if you are invested in a losing horse race it means the horse has had a big run and its chances of winning the race or even placing any more bets are high. On the other hand, a Correction can mean the difference between a losing day and a winning day with an investment in a long shot.

The problem for punters is that when there is a Correction to the market it usually lasts for several days. Picking a horse to bet on when there is a Correction is very difficult. A good horse racing system will tell you that there are probably two types of punters, those that are happy to ride the correction and those that are going to ride the horse that will benefit from the Correction. For instance, if a horse is being bet down to a reasonable price then the punter should think long and hard about whether he is willing to bet that horse at a good price and in a long race. There will be other horses available at that price or higher but most punters won’t want to spend the time looking for one.

The advantage to waiting and trying to find a good horse is that you have a chance to look at other horses. Some punters wait until after the race and then write down the names of some of the horses they like. Others don’t wait but look online or at the tracks websites. They either look for a particular horse and then place their bets or look for a horse with promising racing tracks that could benefit if it runs well today.

In today’s UK horse racing system this is very easy. You don’t need to wait for the Correction because this correction has already happened. What you need to do is to make a profit on bets in the future by finding good punters who have already made money on good horses. When I found this method it was very simple. I just simply tracked who was wagering on the race and then used a software program to identify each horse’s chances of winning based on its past performances at that track.

This is how it works. You simply enter each horse’s name into a search box. Once you’ve entered all the relevant information you will be presented with a list of good bets for that race track. For example, if you entered Harry Potter as your bet you will then be presented with all horses that have raced in the UK in the last five years and Harry Potter’s best finish is first or second. Obviously if the horse finishes in first place it is a good bet and if it finishes second or third it is worth looking at as an underlay.

I also identified those horses who were priced in the high priced to begin with but improved during the week. Obviously a horse can only improve so much and as long as it is improving it is likely to remain that way. This means that if you choose wisely you may make a profit without having to pay too much. The trick is to find those horses who are improving and are offered a good price.

That is not all though, I identified those horses who I believed would perform strongly and well throughout the race and had a reasonable chance of winning. Again, like with Harry Potter I checked the price and selected those horses to bet against. I then followed a system which placed each horse in its own box at three different odds. Obviously there was a good reason why I selected these particular horses – they were good value bets and, based on their past performances, offered a reasonable chance of winning.

It is possible to make money from horse racing but, unless you have a lot of knowledge and a lot of time, it is more difficult than it looks. It does require a certain discipline and adherence to a strategy. I am pleased to say that I have now made money from horse racing and it has allowed me to go on holiday. If I had not had the support of my husband and children, I would not have been able to afford the holidays that I have had. It certainly would not have been as enjoyable. However, the main reason I have stayed away from horse racing is the complexity of the betting system and the fact that I have not made a profit from it.

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