At the other are the Liberal Democrats, who are campaigning on an unequivocal ticket and saying they would revoke Article 50, if elected by a majority. Conservatives want to leave the EU trade bloc, in some respects diverge from EU rules, and make new trade agreements with third countries, including the United States. Trump added that he had no deadline for the deal and that a delay may be better. Speaking in London, President Trump opined, In a sense I like the idea of ​​waiting until after the elections for the China affair, but they want to make a deal now and we’ll see if the deal is going to be right ‘. US President Donald Trump is in the UK for the 70th anniversary of NATO’s defense organization, focusing on the possibility of US access for the UK post-Brexit National Health Service.

Trump’s visit looks like attempts to make Johnson Brexit the key electoral issue, while Corbyn is focusing on social issues, including health. visit and Huawei Trump dominate the front pages of today. The trip could provide some difficult moments when she meets Theresa May in her last days as prime minister (she is formally resigned on Friday). In 2017 the idea for a documentary Jonas Brothers, Chasing Happiness, came out on Amazon this week. Every meeting has become better and better. The Guardian Morning Briefing is delivered to thousands of light boxes and soon every day of the week.

At one end is Brexit Nigel Farage’s party, which wants the recently negotiated withdrawal agreement abandoned, saying it’s not Brexit. The White House sees the trip as an opportunity for a moment of reset on trade, but Trump lands in the middle of the leader Tory battle, in which he made no secret of his favorite candidate, Boris Johnson. Although the brothers were barely moving away, there was a multi-platinum elephant in the hall for family events. Trump’s man in London also indicated the United Kingdom would need to allow US agricultural products, including chicken with chlorine, to the UK market as part of a post-Brexit trade agreement. Yes different jobs have different challenges.

The more he diverges from the EU rules, the less generous the European Union will be in terms of a new trade agreement with the United Kingdom. According to the inaugural Gender SDG Index, launched today, even the Nordic countries, which score highly in the index, would need to take huge strides to meet gender commitments in the 17 sustainable development goals, which 193 countries have signed up to to 2015. Not so equal Not a single country is expected to achieve gender equality by 2030, according to the first index to measure progress against a series of internationally agreed targets. Countries with an overall score of 90 or more are making excellent progress, but only 21 countries have achieved 80 or more. Work would decide only after a renegotiation with the EU if recommending voters should approve this approach in a referendum or vote to stay. Corbyn’s work wants a much closer relationship with the European Union, remaining in the EU customs union and remaining aligned with the single market rules in some areas.

The markets have been waiting for phase one of the US-China trade agreement that will be announced over the last few weeks, increasing risk appetite. The financial markets turned risk-off the announcement with shares falling, while the traditional risk of cancellation The assets including gold and the Japanese Yen withdrawn an offer. The company plans to open 10 stores in total. So if you pass the UK withdrawal agreement and leaves on January 31, the pressure will quickly begin to clear up all this. It will probably be impossible to negotiate a complete trade agreement by the end of 2020. The move implies ebbing rate-cutting bets, a conclusion supported by recent changes in the implied outlook for futures prices. On the markets, US stock futures, Asian equities and the price of oil slipped to low multi-month levels on Monday on concerns that intensifying Chin-American tensions and Washington’s new tariff threats against Mexico could tip the economy global in recession.

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